Doudou et Compagnie Pink Candy Rabbit 25cm

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Age: 1+
Brands: Doudou et Compagnie
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"à la française"

The great strength of Doudou et Compagnie is its traditional French savoir-faire, recognized world-wide for quality and innovation . Each of our pieces is dreamed up at our headquarters at Taverny by our team of talented designers and seamstresses who together imagine the doudous of tomorrow.

The Ingredients

The Magic Potion

The success of Doudou et Compagnie derives from a mix of proven time-honoured recipes seasoned with a good dose of modernity. A commitment to quality and a respect for tradition are undoubtedly the chief ingredients of our magic potion. The important issue of safety is considered from the moment a doudou is conceived. Ten talented designers are busy in our workshop, constantly revising our products, choosing the softest materials and the most innovative colours, inspired by the daily lives of mothers. Doudou et Compagnie regularly holds meetings, not only with Mums and their little bundles of joy, but also with grandma, to discuss their needs and expectations and to get their feedback on new products.

Saftey and Quality at Doudou et Compagnie

All our doudous conform to the CE safety standard and our perfectly adapted to little ones. Neither too small nor too big, they can be chewed, pummeled, pulled, and, of course, cuddled without losing their shape or posing the slightest risk to their little owners. Always very soft, and shaped in a fashion pleasing to children, they are ultra resistant and stay by little one’s side for many years!

The role of the doudou

The doudou is a child’s daily companion, helping it to overcome moments of separation from parents; when he returns to his nanny, goes to the crèche or simply when it is time for bed. A faithful companion whose presence is reassuring and that is comforting to handle, and even chew! But that’s not all, doudou is present as the child’s awareness grows and supports the childs’s imagination and the expression of its emotions. The doudou is a precious object that can accompany a child through the transitions of childhood, as long as it is well adapted to its needs. And when your name is Doudou et Compagnie, you know what you are talking about! That is why, even when the child has grown up, the doudou still has a special significance. Familiar, reassuring and unique, doudou is a delightful reminder of our earliest childhood!

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