Le Toy Van Sophie's House

Toy Categories: Doll Houses & Accessories
Toy Categories: Wooden Toys
Age: 3+
Brands: Le Toy Van
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The classic doll's house from Le Toy Van. Decorated with fresh white and pink paint, the beautiful 3 storey doll's house features a glittery scalloped roof, a front porch and a floral motif. It includes a staircase, a loft ladder and opening shutters and windows. Fold back the roof to reveal a room in the loft. Dolls and furniture sold separately. Personalise your house with something from the extensive collection of Le Toy Van furniture sets or a Le Toy Van playmat to add a garden to your luxurious dolls house. Won the Right Start Toy Award, The Top 100 Baby Products and the Toy Talk Award in 2012.

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