Orchard Toys Mammouth Maths

Toy Categories: Puzzles & Games
Toy Categories: Mathematics
Age: 5+
Brands: Orchard Toys
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Be the first back to the cave in this fun-filled prehistoric maths game. Players move their caveman playing piece around the board, solving maths problems along the way.

If they land on a plus or minus square they solve one of their four addition and subtraction sums, then they can check their answers using the magic viewer. If correct they hook the completed sum over the 3D mammoth's trunk!

If a player lands on a feather square they can tickle another mammoth's trunk, which will make it sneeze and lose a sum from it's trunk! This fun element is bound to have children laughing! Players can choose whether to solve easier or more challenging sums, which encourages progressive learning and allows players of different ages and abilities can play together.

1 jigged game board
30 stone ring cards
1 bone number line
4 cave-person playing pieces
4 character stands
4 two-piece mammoths
1 dice
1 feather card
1 magic torch viewer
1 instruction leaflet

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