PLAYMOBIL Fairies - Friendly Dragon with Baby

Toy Categories: Building & Construction
Toy Categories: Pretend Play
Age: 4+
Playmobil: All Playsets
Playmobil: Fairies
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Spend some time with the friendly Dragon with baby. This large red Dragon is a loyal friend, but one fierce mother! she’ll use all her Dragon powers to protect her baby. The movable wings allow her to soar across the enchanted land or shelter her little one. With included foot clamp, it's easy for a figure to climb on the dragon's back and stay securely in place as they fly through the sky. Set includes one fairy figure with staff, Dragon, Dragon baby, tree landscape, badgers, flowers, and lots of other accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten. Product Dimensions 34.4 x 24.8 x 9.4 cm

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