Corolle 100600 MPP Bath Coralie


Bebe Bath Coralie loves to splish-splash in the water! This water-play companion also helps children slowly familiarize themselves
with all types of aquatic environments:

- bathtub (soapy water)
- swimming pool (chlorinated water)
- sea (salt water).
There is a tab sewn onto the doll's back so it can be hung up to dry when bathtime or water playtime is over.
Its 12-inch size fits perfectly in your child's small arms and is ideal for hugging and cuddling.
The doll's head and limbs are made of soft vinyl that is lightly
scented with vanilla, a Corolle signature. Its soft body allows it to take on the same positions as a real Bebe, and its brown sleepy eyes close when put down for a nap or at bedime, also like a real Bebe. Dressed in a charming flowered jumpsuit and wears a matching sun hat and complete with its own bath toy, Bebe Bath Coralie is part of the mon premier poupon Corolle collection of dolls, clothing?and accessories for early nurtering time. Ages 18 months and up.

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