Quercetti Pallino

Age: 4+
Toy Categories: Educational Products
Brands: Quercetti
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Pallino is celebrating 25 years of success: a multi-award-winner in international competitions for best educational toy of the year, it is still a modern and unparalleled interactive toy that is fun to play with and has a great educational value. You play with a big keyboard and pushbuttons that need to be operated with the correct hand-eye coordination so that each marble reaches the column with the corresponding colour to create lots of different graphic patterns. Pallino is exceptional in keeping children entertained for hours while stimulating reasoning and developing their cognitive skills. HOW TO PLAY: the screen where the patterns for your compositions are inserted is divided into 12 columns and each column corresponds to a pushbutton. To make the marble drop into the desired column, shift the corresponding key and hit the Throw Button. To empty a column, press its key and shift the Release Lever. To choose the colour of your choice, press the Select button, and then Eject to let all the marbles out.
Recommended Ages: 4+

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