AquaPlay 1516 LockBox


Why the AQUAPLAY 1516 Lock Box is a great accessory

The AQUAPLAY 1516 Lock Box is a great accessory for the Aquaplay channel system. Here are some reasons why it is so popular:

  • Learning lock functions:With the Lock Box, children can playfully learn how a lock works. They can open and close the lock to control the flow of water and raise or lower boats to different levels.
  • Promotes imagination and creative play:?The Lock Box stimulates children's imagination and allows them to invent their own adventures. They can create scenarios with different water levels and boats and unleash their imagination while playing.
  • Robust and buoyant:?The Lock Box is built tough and floats safely on the water. It was specially designed for use in the water and offers long-lasting fun.
  • Easy integration into the channel system:?The Lock Box integrates seamlessly into the Aquaplay channel system. Children can insert it into the waterways and design their own waterways that offer different levels and challenges.
  • Promotes understanding of physics and water movement:?The Lock Box offers children the opportunity to explore the effects of water movement and height differences. They can observe how the flow of water changes when the lock is opened or closed, developing an understanding of basic physics.
  • Compatible with other Aquaplay products:?The AQUAPLAY 1516 Lock Box is compatible with other Aquaplay products and can be easily combined with them. This gives even more possibilities for varied fun.

Water adventures with Aquaplay


Aquaplay is a renowned brand known for high-quality and innovative canal systems and toy products. With a focus on water and canal toys, Aquaplay has built an outstanding reputation in the industry. The brand combines fun, creativity and educational value to provide children with a unique play experience. Aquaplay is characterized by the use of high-quality materials that are durable and safe for children. The products are designed with great care to meet the highest quality standards. The innovative designs allow children to create their own waterscape, steer boats through the channels and explore the basics of water movement through play. The canal systems are easy to assemble and provide children with an intuitive and fun experience. The products encourage children's cognitive development, fine motor skills and imagination, while providing fun and adventure.


Caution. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts that can be swallowed.

Made in Germany.

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