BIG 6243 Bobby Car Neo Anthracite


Facelift of a legend- with the BIG Bobby-Car Neo, BIG presents a new generation of its classic slide vehicle that has accompanied and thrilled many years of children.

The revolutionary, modern design puts the heraldic animal, the BIG buffalo, in the spotlight. For example, the high-quality printed radiator grille is in the shape of the buffalo and the wide whisper tires have a unique buffalo profile. The variant in chic anthracite has a very special gimmick: the slide car comes with rim rings and horn covers in 2 different colors: Turquoise and Pink. So the BIG Bobby Car can be redesigned again and again to suit your taste.

The chassis is revised in a new stylish shape, the ergonomically shaped seat has a non-slip surface. The cult car still has a safety knee recess and the leg rest. The backlights are pre-assembled plastic parts in the shape of stylized buffalo horns.

The smooth-running full-shell safety steering wheel ensures an optimum grip and a pleasant feel. The BIG Bobby-Car Neo comes as standard with extra-wide, high-quality and abrasion-resistant soft plastic tires that provide a good grip and roll quietly. Furthermore, the new version of the iconic slide car has 3-piece closed rims that are particularly easy to clean.

A detachable towing device at the front under the radiator grille and a trailer coupling at the rear allow BIG-Bobby-Car accessories to be attached, as well as the use of all standard BIG-Bobby-Car trailers.

The BIG Bobby-Car Neo is revolutionary in its shape and unbeatable in terms of quality. It is made from environmentally friendly and durable plastic in the modern BIG factory in Germany.

It is tested by T?V in accordance with the strict guidelines for tested safety. The GS mark vouches for quality and safety. For little drivers aged 1-5 years.

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