BIG 6513 Jim Turbo


The BIG-Jim-Turbo is the perfect tractor for children from the age of 3 years and guarantees tremendous play value. This robust tractor is equipped with a dust and dirt protected precision chain drive- all of which guarantees incredible play value. Children will love the loading shovel which has a capacity of 3 kg and can easily be moved up and down, as well as forwards and backwards. The seat has 3 different height settings which can be adjusted to the size of the child without the need for an adjustment tool.

Really fascinating for the little drivers is the BIG Tractor Sound Wheel. The splash-proof steering wheel is the perfect addition to the BIG Jim Turbo. Eight different, authentic engine and farm sounds make play even more realistic and so tremendous fun. Children can choose between starter motor, engine sound at a faster or slower speed, horn, hydraulics, windscreen wipers, hazard lights and animal sounds. Child-friendly motifs such as a tortoise for slow driving or a hare for fast driving make the choice, literally, child??¢s play. Pressing the buttons with animal heads produces the sounds of a hen, cow or pig. Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 118 x 46 x 55 cm

  • Highly manoeuvrable loading shovel with big load volume
  • Comfortable seat with backrest for excellent driving comfort
  • Dust an dirt protected precision chain drive, high-quality steering system for simple, stepless steering and chield-oriented pedals
  • Eccentric for easy rethightening of the chain
  • BIG Tractor Sound Wheel included

Quality and safety. Made in Germany.

BIG-SPIELWARENFABRIK GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany??¢s major toy producers and an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic toys. The world's most successful ride-on, the BIG BOBBY CAR, has become one of the strongest toy brands in Germany.

Brand philosophy

BIG ??strong as a buffalo

In short, the BIG brand represents high quality and child-friendly design. The company logo - the BIG buffalo - is symbolic of BIG products: strong, robust, resistant. Quality and safety are the top priority in all that we do.

Extensive experience in child-related products and plastics production ensures BIG product developers know exactly what is being asked of them. All our toys are suitable for each respective age group and ergonomically designed, while making a positive contribution to a child??¢s development.


Made in Germany

The BIG production plant in Burghaslach, located next to the A3 motorway between Würzburg and Nuremberg: Covering 320,000 square metres in total, it is home to one of the most modern toy factories in Europe.
The toys are produced using both blow moulding and injection moulding processes. We operate on a three shift system. More than one million BIG products leave our premises each year.


High quality and safety from the outset

BIG products are fully tested both in-house and by external organisations before they reach the marketplace. As a result of this, only the best quality and safe toy products are allowed to leave our factory.

The labels and safety marks of independent institutes as well as our own logos provide reassurance about the high level of quality and safety. Below you will find a brief overview with information about the most important awards and quality labels in the toy sector and at BIG.

By usage of masterbatch with high UV-stability and optimal colour fastness the BIG-products are solid and unfading even after long insolation. On low UV-stability the colour gets quickly fading and the plastic material gets crumbly and can crack. If the BIG products will not be used for longer time we recommend to cover the items or store them inside to protect them against fading and material damages by strong solar radiation which cannot be avoided in the long run.
The CE-Mark (Communauté Européenne) certifies that a product conforms to the minimum requirements of the respective EC Diriectives. All manufacturers are obliged to place the CE Mark on all products which fall within the jurisiction of the EC-Directives (e.g. toys).
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T?V Rheinland AG
GS stands for "geprüfte Sicherheit", or tested for safety, and the GS mark is a voluntary mark of safety recognised far beyond Germany. In the field of consumer and workplace protection, it is intended to be a guarantee that technical requirements for safety have been met, and that they are tested and regularly monitored by an independent institution (an authorised body, such as LGA QualiTest GmbH). The German Equipment and Product Safety Act lays down how the award is to be made.
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spiel gut Arbeitsausschu? Kinderspiel und Spielzeug e.V.
The "spiel gut Arbeitsausschu? Kinderspiel und Spielzeug e.V." is a non-profit consumer counseling specialized on toys and games. It informs parents, educators, manufacturers and all other persons and institutions being engaged with children and playthings. The test of toys effects on the initiative of the task force.
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For more than 20 years the ?KO-TEST-PUBLISHER tests products on health risks, their benefit as well as their compatibility of environment. The test results get republished in the magazins of the plublisher.
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The MOMMY Award is an annual people's choice award organised by the renowned internet community This prize is awarded to particularly family-friendly products and brands. Mums are encouraged to put forward their favourite products and services at Community members then vote for the best products and brands for children and families.
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