Biobuddi 0013 - Learning to build 100 blocks


Biobuddi 0013 - Learning to build 100 blocks. A couple of building blocks help children to build whatever they can think of. But what if we were to make it 100 building blocks? One can never have too much imagination; with this playset you??¢ll see. Build an airplane, a ship or maybe both, this playset contains enough blocks to keep your creativity going. These exciting and colorful building blocks are made of biobased materials, more specific, the remains of sugarcane plants. Meaning these blocks are both child friendly and environment friendly. Let's build a ship, airplane, car or house with 100 educational building blocks. The possibilities are endless! The educational building blocks are made from the leftovers of sugarcane plants and are recyclable. In addition, the toy blocks are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly. Building with blocks will improve your little one's hand-eye coordination, perseverance and motor, spatial and cognitive skills. Parents can decorate the building blocks with stickers to encourage imaginative play. Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. With this set you as a parent find out how toy blocks support your little one's developmental milestones, like learning colors, shapes and a lot more. Are you looking for an educational present for a toddler or preschooler? BiOBUDDi products are eco-friendly, educational and fun! Specifications: Contains 100 coloured building blocks. Sticker sheets. Multiple manuals. Age: 1,5 - 6 All the BiOBUDDi toys are made in the Netherlands.

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