Biobuddi 008 - Learning to create 60 blocks


Biobuddi 008 - Learning to create 60 blocks. Nature isn??¢t the only place to find flowers and animals. This playset brings nature inside for you to explore! Build your own garden out of these building blocks and learn to create, build and imagine. How well did you sleep last night? Did you dream about knights and castles or about a horse in a stable? Now, you can build your own fantasy world with BiOBUDDi educational building blocks! The possibilities are endless, so spark your toddler??¢s fantasy life and build a new creation or tower together with your little one. Building with BiOBUDDi encourages children to develop creative, social, emotional and motor skills. The bio-based toy blocks are made from the remains of sugarcane plants are are produced in the Netherlands. The building blocks are eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and specially designed for little hands. Parents can decorate the colorful blocks with different images to bring make-believe worlds to life! Stimulate your child??¢s development with a color sorting or fine motor activity and build a creation together with your toddler or preschooler. BiOBUDDi is a nice birthday present for children aged 18 months to 6 years old! Combine the set with another Learning to create set to create bigger or more complex structures. Specifications: Contains 58 coloured building blocks. Two baseplates. Sticker sheets. Multiple manuals. Age: 1,5 - 6 All the BiOBUDDi toys are made in the Netherlands.

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