Bruder 02031 Conveyer belt


Since ancient times, Conveyor belts have helped men to transport, liftand lower heavy loads such as stones, timber, bulk material andothers. To make it easier for our little master builders and farmersto complete their tasks, BRUDER is now launching a state-of-the-artconveyor belt. This tool distinguishes itself by its attractivedesign and its lifting and conveying mechanisms that are easy to usethanks to the installed crank. The mechanisms can be used to lift haybales onto the trailer and transport them to the barn as well astransport and unload sand or rock on/from lorries. The conveyor beltcan, of course, also be hooked on to all BRUDER towing vehicles suchas tractors, Unimogs, lorries including the Sprinter and constructionvehicles equipped with a drawbar coupling.??Size 54.3 cm?13.3 cm?31.0 cm

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