Bruder John Deere 5115M


You might see this type of compact utility tractor working on the orchards or on the family farm, but never are you likely to see it doing the heavy-duty jobs. And well this Bruder model can do the big jobs, in real life that's reserved for the big tractors. Its not without it usual rear tow hitch with front positioned coupling; so hauling small tipping trailers would be an ideal fit, well a mower attachment on the front is recommended. Along with a windowless driver's cab, access to the interior is made easy which would go towards using both hands for controlling the steering wheels - to threading the rod through the driver's cab roof. Sitting on free rolling wheels with rubberised tyres with tread, the wheels are small compared to big tractors along with only two steps needed for the tractor driver to climb up into the cab. Size: 26x12.7x16cm

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