Bruder 2674 MB Sprinter Animal transporter with 1 horse


Pioneering, efficient, reliable ¡V this is how Mercedes Benz describes the new Sprinter. The latest generation Sprinter continues to be the versatile and popular transport professional. BRUDER¡¦s extensive range includes the latest sprinters in a wide range of designs.Size 45.5 cm ¡? 17.0 cm ¡? 22.0 cm

The animal transporter has a modern, species-appropriate box body with adjustable inner partition and two water troughs. The ramp can be folded down for loading and unloading the horses; ramp grids ensure that the animals are guided gently into and out of the vehicle. A scale horse is already included in the delivery; additional horses are available under item number 02306. A maximum of two horses can be transported in this vehicle. The bworld stable (item no. 62506) is the perfect accompaniment to this transporter.

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