Bruder 3552 Scania Super 560R Tow truck with L+S Module + BRUDER Roadster


Comfortable and robust, BRUDER presents the Scania Super R series in its range. The R series is characterised by its unique combination of comfort and durability. It is therefore ideally suited to every situation that may arise. It is precisely these different situations that children can experience realistically with the new BRUDER models. Size 57.5 cm ¡? 18.5 cm ¡? 28.0 cm

The platform can be lowered to recover vehicles. It is also possible to load vehicles using the crane. that can be extended and pivoted. In this process, the loading harness, consisting of chains and wheel clamps, enables safe and fast lifting and loading. Wheel chocks and folding outriggers secure the vehicle and tread tyres round off the HGV. The high-detail MAN TGS truck¡¦s cab features doors that open and folding mirrors on the cab. The Light and Sound Module has also been pre-installed. The new BRUDER roadster features a removable roof and can accommodate any bworld figure. The BRUDER roadster comes with the new wheel changing system for even more fun.

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