GALT 1005338 Explore & Discover - Nature Lab


GALT 1005338 Explore & Discover - Nature Lab. Children will love discovering the wonders of the natural world with this Nature Lab STEM Kit from the Galt range. Kids will have so much fun learning about nature as they use the included lab booklet to create their own experiments. As they grow amazing plants from seed, they can create their own rainforest scene. Then, they can use the scavenger hunt sheets to take the fun outside too!? Dimensions Approx - 26.5H x 5W x 15.5Dcm


Behind the colourful and engaging toys, games and puzzles that Galt Toys is renowned for, there is a vibrant, local history with a story that began over 180 years ago in United Kingdom. James Galt, originally born in Stewarton, Ayrshire, established an educational stockist in Manchester in 1836 before expanding into printing and publishing in the 1850s. A century later, the business relocated to Cheadle in Cheshire in 1957, where Galt can still be found today.

The Galt Toys division was formed in 1961 and remains dedicated to producing and selling quality toys, beloved by generations of parents and children alike. Galt Toys inspire learning through play and are designed to be fun, colourful, and imaginative, while also supporting all areas of child development. From a new-born reaching out to explore the textures and sounds of the innovative Playnest to the aspiring scientist conducting their very first experiments with the Explore & Discover range, Galt Toys grow with your child.

All our products comply with or exceed current toy safety regulations (primarily BS EN71 and HD271/BS EN50088), and all carry the CE mark and the BS5665 Lion Mark for your complete assurance of quality.

Also, many products are Good Toy Guide recommended, and our Explore and Discover science sets are compatible with the National Curriculum and were also winners of?the Progressive Preschool Award for?the Best Preschool STEM Range for 2019.

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