GALT 1005416 Create & Discover - Space Craft


Learn Through Crafting: A fun craft kit for kids that encourages early STEAM learning and creative thinking
Crafts Made Simple: Includes a 20-page full colour project book with 7 stellar activities
Make Exciting Galactic Discoveries: Follow the project book and learn more about space as you build a constellation model, make a planet mobile and model the Earth¡¦s core. Plus, you can also build a day and night model, create a hidden aurora sky picture and make a rocket slider!
What¡¦s Included: Contains 6 x 18g packs of non-drying clay, 10 assorted polystyrene balls, wooden strip, 10 paints, paintbrush, constellation model, day and night model box, white glue, torch picture pieces, transparent sheet, black card, dry erase pen, 2 paper straws, thread, 9 eye hooks, scratch paper picture, wooden scratch tool, 11 thin wooden sticks, foam piece, card pieces, sticker sheet, sketchpad and 20-page guide
Inspires Young Minds: Suitable for ages 5 years and up

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