GEOMAG MAGICUBE Safari Park 16 cubes


Magicube from Geomag is a new range of products which revolutionizes the junior construction category.

this innovative toy is a construction system based on magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all 6 sides. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children are able to let their imaginations fly and create different shapes, color combinations and even 3D structures. Children are at the heart of magicube, a toy that comes to life with their creativity and allows even the youngest kids to develop their first manual skills with each cube.
98, Geomag invented the first magnetic construction toy. Simple elements such as cubes, magnetic rods and steel spheres, connected by a magical force of attraction, continue to allow people of all ages to build incredible structures. Imagination, intelligence, The human mind, magnetism and gravity are all energies that can't be seen but that make our play experience happen in a fun and educational way.

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