Geomag 200 MagiCube 3 Shapes Eco Starter Set 6 pcs

  • The box contains 6 Magicube magnetic blocks, in 4 different colours: light green and dark green, red, orange and 4 different shapes
  • All Magicube pieces are made of 100% recycled plastic to respect the planet. The practical box allows you to bring your Geomag toys always with you and to store them very neatly at home
  • The 4 different shapes offer infinite possibilities in using these construction toys, thanks to your imagination. Figures, animals and objects: you will be surprised by the many things you can invent!
  • The Geomag collections, winners of numerous prizes, help kids of all ages to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction toys
  • The Magicube pieces are entirely made in Switzerland, using safe materials, so kids can play in complete freedom and mothers can enjoy their children’s earliest moments of fun and learning with serenity
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