LEGO Education Tech Machines Set


Using active technology to learn how the world works

There??¢s nothing young children find more exciting than the rough tough world of construction and transport. These machines are impressive in action, and the work they do is as big as it gets-drilling holes, digging roads, hauling dirt, and moving things by land, air and sea. Playing with models of vehicles is not only loads of fun for children- it also provides an ideal opportunity for them to learn about important aspects of the physical world and the way we interact with it.
The tach Machines set allows children to build unique models using special screwdrivers, and includes carefully designed problem-solving activities. In addition, the set helps children develop their understanding of physical laws and their fine motor skills and kinesthetic sense-while they work together to get the job done.

Key learning aspects:
-Exploring mechanics
-Investigating design features
-Discussing, planning, organizing and testing ideas
-Developing communication skills
-Following instructions
-Sorting and classifying
-Strengthening cognitive skills
-Problem solving

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