Nathan Counting Box Set 1


A practice set for organizing the earliest numberacy acitivities about the numbers 1 through 5.

The activities are based on 6 progressively more difficult series of 6 cards each.  Each child has a counting box with an instruction card.  they fill the compartments of the box according to the instuctions on the card.  The picturees on the instruction cards represent a reference collection, a dice array or a written numeral.  Children can work in pair.

36 instruction cards in 6 sets  (25.5 x 8.5cm)                                 

2 plastic counting boxes( 27 x 12cm ).                                           

40 wooden counters(15 elephants,5 penguins,5 tigers,15 bear cubs).                 

43 round plastic counters.                           

1 teacher's leaflet on CD.                                                      

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