Playmobil Movie Figures S2


Playmobil 70139 Movie Figures S2. In the first major PLAYMOBIL movie, Marla and her younger brother Charlie are catapulted headlong into the magical, animated PLAYMOBIL universe. To find Charlie again, Marla embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. An exciting journey through the PLAYMOBIL worlds begins with spectacular experiences and many new, weird and lovable friends. Get the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie Figures bags and discover the cool, wacky and unique movie characters. Twelve different characters from PLAYMOBIL: The Movie to collect, trade and give away. As a special extra there is a sticker in every Figures bag. Corresponding sticker scrapbooks including posters for the film are available from toy stores. The collective poster is also available online at: movie.playmobil.NOTE: Each bag contains one of the 12 figures that make up this series.

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