PLAYMOBIL 70152 EverDreamerZ III-EverDreamerz Tour Bus


Experience the EverDreamerz live on stage! Starleen takes the tour bus stage, in one of her many outfits, to delight her excited fans. The spacious bus includes comfortable beds, snacks, multiple outfits, and lots of other accessories. Dimensions: 10.6 x 5 x 5.7 in (LxDxH)
In their Tour Bus with glittering stars the EverDreamerz conquer Music World. As the name says, everything in Music World is about music. The EverDreamerz, and especially Starleen, are fully in their element and rush from gig to gig with their chic tour bus. Arriving at the next location the rear doors are opened and the mobile stage is unloaded. The stage is set, now pop starlet Starleen makes herself pretty in front of the big mirrors and then it's off to the glittering stage. The show can begin! The playset contains EverDreamerz singing talent Starleen, a tour bus with ramp and stage rack with spotlights. Inside the tour bus are two sleeping places, a clothes rail, a shelf, two mirrors and many more accessories for styling.

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Ever Dreamerz