Playmobil Novelmore Water Ballista


Playmobil 70224 Playmobil Novelmore Water Ballista. After years of standstill, the skilful knights of Novelmore are finally using their inventiveness to develop advanced weapons and equipment. Needless to say, they have come up with a particularly sophisticated defence weapon for their grand castle: The Water Ballista. When enemies approach, it is put into position. Its arsenal holds, believe it or not, six water arrows! Weapon master Norman Norwick is very familiar with the technique of the ballista and aligns it with the help of the loyal knight, Bruce Benett. Boom, a shot...and a hit! The enemies have no chance and flee. The playset contains Novelmore figures: weapon master Norman Norwick and elite knight Bruce Benett. With them is the Water Ballista with shooting function and six arrows, which can be released over a trigger. The ballista has wheels and can be swivelled up and down, resulting in six different shooting angle positions. The Novelmore Wolf Team (70225 sold separately) can be mounted on the frame of the Water Ballista.

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