PLAYMOBIL 70231 Top Agents-Spy Team Snow Glider


With their versatile snow glider, the Top Agents are lightning fast on the snow and in the air. Thanks to spring-mounted skis and wheels, the snow vehicle glides magically over the ice. Agent Agile and Agent P transport an energy module with the snow glider. Of course, the sporty Agent Agile loves to be pulled across the snow on skis. ""Here we go!"" he shouts to Agent P, who takes the wheel. But the agents don't get far when an Arctic Rebel approaches on his kitesurfer. When he pulls out his gun, the agents must react quickly. The bolt gun is ready to fire and the rogue can just about be fended off. Surely he was after the power module. The Top Agents must be alert at all times. The play set consists of a Spy Team snowglider with fold-out wings and a working bolt gun, a kitesurfer, three PLAYMOBIL figures, a power module with light and sound, and many other agent-like extras. PLAYMOBIL 70231 Top Agents-Spy Team Snow Glider.Playmobil Hong Kong.

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