PLAYMOBIL 70232 Top Agents-Arctic Rebels Ice Trike


The Top Agents are very clever, but in the Arctic Rebels they have found cunning opponents. A particularly cunning ice pirate has grabbed one of the valuable energy modules and loaded it onto his trike. Now he is speeding away through the snowy landscape. But the Top Agents are already hot on his heels. Agent Agile pursues the thief on his snowmobile with the weapon strapped to his back, ready to use. But what is this? The villain suddenly turns his trike and fires large growlers with the catapult. Agile can barely swerve, but is flung from his bike. The bearded rogue takes advantage of this situation and fires a jet of ice at Agile, which freezes instantly. This point goes to the Ice Pirates, but the Top Agents will certainly fight back. The play set includes two PLAYMOBIL characters, an ice trike with two side forks, as well as two ice catapults to fire ice balls, a motorcycle, as well as an energy module with light and sound and other great agent accessories. Pirate-like: The front wheel of the ice bike has a profile with skulls. PLAYMOBIL 70232 Top Agents-Arctic Rebels Ice Trike.Playmobil Hong Kong.

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