PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm - Large Equestrian Torunament


Playmobil 70337 PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm - Large Equestrian Torunament. The large horse show arena makes the hearts of horse fans beat faster. No matter if jumping, dressage or western riding, all varieties of tournaments can be held here. The riders have been training diligently for weeks for the next competition. A place on the podium, the golden winner's wreath and of course the recognition of the competition beckons to the winner. Great horse fun for little horse fans.
The contains four PLAYMOBIL figures, a grandstand, a shelter and accessories for three different riding variants. In the shelter the horses are cleaned, groomed and fed. The included fences can be individually plugged together to form one large or several smaller paddocks. Besides two birds, the set includes a German sports horse, an Arab and a Pinto.

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