PLAYMOBIL EverDreamerz - Viona


Playmobil 70384 EverDreamerz - Viona. Welcome to the world of dreams... Welcome to the realm of EverDreamerz! Rosalee, Viona, Edwina, Clare and Starleen are five friends with big dreams. When the girls find a magical amulet, a portal opens into another universe, the land of their dreams. First, the five friends travel to Rosalee's dream world, where everything revolves around sweets. Daydreamer Viona loves to eat chocolate, just like her faithful little companion, a cute baby panda. Chocolate cake, muffins, ice cream, gingerbread - luckily there are plenty of chocolate treats in the Candy Dream Kingdom. For the less-hungry Viona, she just bites off her chocolate bar which she always carries in her pocket. Besides her passion for chocolate, the creative Viona loves to write poems and paint wonderful paintings. Viona's wealth of ideas often helps the girls in difficult situations to find an original solution.
The playset consists of EverDreamerz character Viona with her purple baby panda and bamboo leaf, chocolate cake, gingerbread heart, muffins, chocolate ice cream, milk, as well as bag, cup and bracelet with pearls and charm pendant. Great collecting fun: Each Everdreamerz figure has its own silicone bracelet with an individual character pendant for children who love collecting and swapping. The character and its accessories can be stored and taken along in the colourful package.

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Ever Dreamerz