Playmobil 70412 Pirates - Redcoat Battle Ship. The pirates would like to be captains of the oceans, but the clever redcoats have a say in that. With their soldier sailor, they bravely face every challenge. "Look, a pirate is attacking us!" shouts the commander. The soldiers quickly bring their flexible cannon into position. Insert bullet and fire! The pirate on his raft has no chance against these cunning Redcoats. The freebooter is taken into custody along with gold nuggets and taken to the soldiers' bastion. I wonder if the pirate crew will rescue him from the bastion.
The playset includes a sailboat and a raft with bolt gun, three PLAYMOBIL figures, a box, a treasure map, a sextant and many other accessories. Foot clamps on the boat deck and raft provide better stability for the figures. The sailor floats and can be upgraded with the RC underwater motor (9853) or the small underwater motor (7350) both sold separately.

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