PLAYMOBIL 70571 Police-Special Operations Police Robot


In dangerous situations, the police robot is used. The robot can transform, with gripping hands. Dimensions Standing: Approx. 5.1 x 3.1 x 6.9 in (LxDxH).
For particularly dangerous special operations the police use their practical police robot. A malicious bank robber tries to blast his way into the bank with explosives. But the policeman undaunted climbs into the robot's cockpit and directly goes into the danger zone. Cleverly he steers the robot towards the bad guy and quickly uses his gripping arm to take the explosive device out of his hand. Then the fire devil is grabbed by the leg and transported to the nearest police station. The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a police robot with movable legs and arms, explosive device, warning sign, helmet, gloves and many other extras.

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City Action