PLAYMOBIL 70581 EverDreamerZ III-Viona - Music World


Viona is the mysterious daydreamer of the girls' group. She likes to stay in the background and expresses her feelings through poems and pictures. She provides the necessary inspiration and, with her bass, the musical depth of the group. Includes silicone bracelet, beads, bass guitar charm, trading card, stickers and many accessories. With the integrated virtual reality feature, you get a little bit closer to the music world of the EverDreamerz ... you are live in the Music World of the EverDreamerz!
The EverDreamerz exciting dream journey goes into the next round. This time the magic amulet brings the five friends to the glamorous Music World. Starleen is thrilled to finally live her dream of a great pop career. But soon the girls realize that Lady Nightmare is trapping them in a time loop and everything repeats itself every day. As mysterious daydreamer, Viona prefers to stay in the background. With her bass she provides the necessary musical depth in the girls band. Only if the EverDreamerz convince the jury at the big music contest together, they can leave the Music World again. The playset includes romantic EverDreamer Viona with bass guitar, panda bear, silicone bracelet, beads, stickers, trading card and other fantastic accessories. With the integrated AR feature you get even closer to the EverDreamerz Music World. Simply scan the trading card with your smartphone and get the EverDreamerz live experience!

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Ever Dreamerz