PLAYMOBIL 70585 EverDreamerZ III-Surprise Box - Music World


Unpack, discover and collect! The 12 extraordinary figures from the Music World promise endless fun! Who will find the limited edition Piano Lady with the golden microphone charm? Including individual pen charm, trading card, stickers and accessories.
Ready for a surprise? Then let's go for the mysterious Music World Surprise Boxes. Each of the twelve boxes contains an extraordinary figure from the glamorous Music World. Which figure is hidden in the box? Is it one of the mean twins Kimby and Carmella, the eloquent presenter, the sneaky Lady Nightmare, the colourful Samba-Chica, Hippie, DJane or the coveted Piano Lady with the rare golden microphone charm? It remains exciting! Unpack, discover, collect - the Music World Surprise Boxes each contain a figure from the EverDreamerz Music World with stand plate, charm and other fantastic extras.

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Ever Dreamerz