PLAYMOBIL 70610 Water Park - Small Pool with Water Sprayer


Lots of fun playing with water! Direct the water jet towards specific targets. With funny effects! The pool can be filled with water. Dimensions: 13.5x 10.6 x 9.4 in (LxDxH)
Have a happy time at the fun pool with water sprayer. Here, small and large bathers can splash around to their heart's content. Shooting with the big water spray gun is great fun. After a few practice shots at the big target, it goes really well and the bucket is filled up in no time. When it tips over, Dad gets a good shower. He's getting all wet in his funny fish costume. The playset includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, man and child in bathing suits, a water basin with pump and spray gun, a fish costume, a moray eel and many other extras for fun water play. The pool can be filled with water.

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