Playmobil 70776 Advent Calendar - Police Diving Mission


Police diving operation in the bathtub! Get ready for an exciting chase in the water. The underwater scooter including motor (1 x 1.5 V micro battery required) provides additional action. Combined with the blue bath paint from Tinti, it leaves exciting colour traces in the water. With great bath product from Tinti: 1 x Tinti bath paint blue (content: 10 colour tablets).
24 days to wait until Christmas Eve? That can be quite a long time - but not with the colourful PLAYMOBIL advent calendars. In the advent calendar 'Bathtime Fun Police Diving Mission' it goes to exciting police operations on the seabed. A thief has hidden his valuable loot underwater between corals. But the resourceful police divers are already on his heels with their underwater scooters. In no time at all, they have not only caught the thief, but also seized the loot. I guess this plan didn't work out! The playset contains an advent calendar with 24 surprises, three PLAYMOBIL figures, a large and a small diving scooter, a baby swordfish, a moray eel, two butterfly fish, a lobster, two crabs, stones, coral and other great accessories for exciting underwater missions. As a special extra, the calendar contains Tinti bath paint. Simply insert a halved paint tablet into the nets of the diving scooter and the scooter will draw cool colours in the water during the ride. Great bathing fun with Tinti and PLAYMOBIL!

Additional Information
Figures: 2 police divers, 1 diver; animals: 1 small swordfish, 1 moray eel, 2 butterfly fish, 1 lobster, 2 crabs; accessories: 1 large underwater scooter, 1 underwater motor, 1 control ring for underwater motor, 2 net holders, 3 nets, 1 small underwater scooter, 1 floating buoy with rope and hook, 2 x diving jackets with regulator and diving tanks, 3 pairs of diving fins, 1 diving helmet, 2 diving goggles, 1 snorkel, 1 diving knife, 1 harpoon, 2 handheld navigation device, 1 grid box with lid, 1 goblet, 1 canope, 1 bust, 3 gold bars, 1 jug, 1 magic lamp, 1 horn, 1 arm cuff, 2 large arm cuffs, 1 wristwatch, 1 underwater plant, 1 rock with hiding place, 1 rock with coral, 1 x Tinti bath paint blue (content: 10 color tablets)
Recommended for ages 4+

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