Playmobil 70777 Advent Calendar - Magical Mermaids


Magic in the bathtub! Swim with the mermaids and discover a fascinating underwater world! With the bubble bath from Tinti, your bath water turns pink and the crackling magic provides a special sound experience. Many special surprises to discover, e.g. the colour of the mermaids changes in the warm water. With great bath products from Tinti: 2 x Tinti pink bubble bath and 2 x Tinti crackling magic.
24 days to wait until Christmas Eve? That can be quite a long time - but not with the colourful PLAYMOBIL advent calendars. The advent calendar 'Bathtime Fun Magical Mermaids' takes you off to the fantastic realm of the mermaids. A mermaid and her son are just on the search for valuable pearls when the sea queen arrives on her seahorse carriage and offers her help. Who could say no to this royal offer? Together they find a beautiful, shimmering blue pearl, which they immediately stow away in their net. This trip was really worth it. The playset includes an advent calendar with 24 surprises, two mermaids and a mermaid boy, a seahorse carriage, two large seahorses, a baby dolphin, a sea turtle, a stingray, a baby octopus, starfish, fishing nets, a treasure chest, coral and many more magical extras for great ocean play fun. Great bath products: Tinti Knisterzauber and Badespa? provide bubbly splashing fun.

Additional Information
Figures: 2 mermaids, 1 mermaid boy; Animals: 1 baby dolphin,1 sea turtle, 1 stingray, 1 baby octopus, 1 crab, 1 spadefish, 1 butterfly fish, 2 starfish, 2 big seahorses, 3 small seahorses; Accessories: 1 seahorse carriage, 1 crown, 1 necklace, 1 yellow arm cuff, 2 purple arm cuffs, 1 seahorse scepter, 4 beads, 1 bracelet with 4 holders for beads, 1 algae leaf, 1 net, 1 treasure chest, 5 different crystals, 1 coral, 2 underwater flowers, 3 different underwater plants, 2 x Tinti bubble bath pink, 2 x Tinti crackle magic
Recommended for ages 4+

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