Playmobil 70933 Asterix-Getafix w/Cauldron of Magic poti


Roman legionaries meet indomitable Gauls ¡V set off on an Asterix adventure!
PLAYMOBIL Getafix with the Cauldron of Magic Potion
The year is 50 BC. The Romans, led by Julius Caesar, have occupied the whole of Gaul ¡V well, almost. One small village of PLAYMOBIL Gauls still holds out against the invaders. Little warrior Asterix and his big, strong friend Obelix, who fell into a magic potion as a child, are determined to make life difficult for the Roman soldiers.
The village druid, Getafix, is brewing herbs, leaves and flowers in his magic cauldron. But unbeknown to the villagers, a Roman spy has infiltrated the Gauls and managed to take a sip of the potion. Will he now get superhuman strength and be able to lift menhirs effortlessly, just like Obelix?
PLAYMOBIL brings comic book heroes Asterix and Obelix into children's playrooms in toy form. With these Asterix and Obelix figures, creative kids can recreate their own adventures in the land of the Gauls.

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