Playmobil 71032 Ayuma-Moon Fairy Spring


The Moon Fairies, a new race of fairies, are upsetting the perfect world in Ayuma with their star oracle. By spinning the top in the middle of the lake, the stars are set in motion. Depending on where the stars fall, a 'blood moon' can occur, and the Moon Fairies transform. A new adventure begins! Includes 2 Moon Fairies with soul animals
New mysterious fairies appear in Ayuma: The Moon Fairies. With their star oracle, the Moon Fairies really mess up the fairy forest. To predict the next moon phase, they perform their magical star oracle at the Moon Fairy Lake. To do this, the spinning top in the middle of the lake is set in motion. Depending on which hollow the stars fall into, a blood moon may occur and the Moon Fairies' facial expressions change. The magical spring is fed by the three waterfalls of the floating rock.

The set includes two Moon Fairies with their soul animals otter and heron, a kingfisher, a fairy spring, a spinning top, crystals and many other magical extras. The Moon Fairy figures have changeable faces. The hanging flowers glow in the dark.

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