Playmobil 71195 Fire-Rescue Helicopter


With functioning water cannon.
Emergency call at the fire station: A barbecue has caught fire in Playmo City and the fire has spread to the adjacent tree. Rescue approaches from the air with the modern PLAYMOBIL fire rescue helicopter. Calmly, the pilot steers his helicopter over the source of the fire and directs the extinguishing cannon. With a targeted jet of water, the fire is extinguished. Fortunately, no one was injured. The set includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, a firefighting helicopter with swiveling extinguishing cannon, a kettle grill, a tree with attachable flames, a pilot's helmet and many other extras for exciting rescue operations from the air. The rotor blades of the helicopter can be rotated. Water jet arrows can be fired from the fire cannon on the side of the helicopter. The firefighting helicopter can be combined with the fire station (71193).

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