Playmobil 71215 Ayuma-Mystical Leaf Trap


The mist is coming! A mysterious mist is destroying the plants in Ayuma and controlling the Moon Fairies. But fortunately the Fairies always know how to help themselves. Rescue is at hand in form of a Mystical Leaf Trap which can banish the fog. The fairies use the lure crystal to draw the evil mist into the leaf trap. As soon as the fog figure enters the trap, it snaps shut and it is trapped in the magic leaves. Danger is averted! With charming characters, magical soul animals and great effects, the PLAYMOBIL Ayuma sets invite to endless creative role-playing adventures. Fantastic fairy fun for children aged 7 and up.
The 47-piece fairy toy set includes three PLAYMOBIL figures, two soul animals Flight Lizard and Owl, a Mystical Leaf Trap with mobile leaves, a tree with magical blossom and lantern, and other loving extras. Moon Fairy Starmia has a changeable face. Headdress, arm rings, necklace and silicone skirt can be removed. The flower lantern glows in the dark.
Discover the new assembly experience: thanks to numbered bags, the fun begins as soon as you unpack!

Experience the fantastic animated series Adventures of Ayuma!
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