PLAYMOBIL 71260 Dino Rise - Spinosaurus


Ayla and Samu add double defence power on the newly upgraded Saichania. With attachable Spinosaurus armour, large swivelling cannon, net for more projectiles and a large wooden barrel for dropping as well as other accessories. The other party carries a small cannon with projectiles. Includes two (standing) seats on the armour for Ayla and Samu and 3 figures.
Let's go on fast-paced dino action adventures with the cool Dino Rise playsets from PLAYMOBIL! Together with their well-equipped Spinosaurus, Ayla and Samu form the double defense power. Courageously, the trio faces every challenge. From her perch on the dinosaur's back, Ayla can operate the bolt cannon and defend herself against the villain with his stand-up gun. Samu has positioned himself on the standing position at the side and is getting ready to intervene in the action with his lasso. The siblings and their dino also cut a fine figure in the jungle adventure. With original characters, impressive dinosaurs and sophisticated armor, the Dino Rise play world from PLAYMOBIL provides plenty of material for action-packed play adventures in the kids' room. The perfect gift for all dinosaur fans aged 5 and up.


  • The toy set includes the Dino Rise characters Ayla and Samu as well as a Spinosaurus with armor and bolt cannon.
  • The dinosaur's back armor has a seat and a standing place on it.
  • The bolt cannon can be rotated and swiveled. Two flame projectiles are included.
  • The functioning stand-up cannon can be loaded with a piston projectile.
  • Items and weapons can be stored in the removable mesh pouch.
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