PLAYMOBIL 71263 Dino Rise - Dimorphodon


When the pterosaur spreads its wings, Kaidan is usually not far away. With removable armour with standing seat for Kaidan, as well as a large dropping mechanism and stones for defence. Includes small dinosaur and 2 figures.
Experience fantastic dino action with the great Dino Rise playsets from PLAYMOBIL! Now the adventure in the jungle continues. Kaidan and his faithful pterosaur also jump into the fray. On the back of the dinosaur Kaidan rises into the air and takes the throwing frame with stones. As soon as they are above the velociraptor, the cauldron is tilted and the stones fall on the biting dinosaur. The Dino Rise play world from PLAYMOBIL provides everything for action-packed play adventures in the children's room with original characters, impressive dinosaurs and modern armor. An ideal gift or souvenir for dinosaur fans aged 5 and up.

Product Details:
? The dinosaur toy includes Dino Rise character Kaidan and his dimorphodon with removable saddle, a velocirapor, spider, headset, hat and other cool gear for exciting dino play fun.
? Dimorphodon and Velociraptor can move their legs and flip their heads and lower jaws up and down.
? The wings of the Dimorphodon are movable.

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