Playmobil 71269 Asterix - Artifis and the Poisoned Cake


Taster, please! To protect the beautiful Queen of Egypt from poisoning, every dish is tested in advance by the royal taster. And this precaution seems to be quite appropriate, because a cake presented in the name of the indomitable Gauls turns out to be poisoned. But it is not the Gauls who are behind the dastardly deed, but the villain Artifis. In order to prevent his competitor Edifis from completing Cleopatra's temple in time, he does not even hesitate to offer the queen a poisoned cake. But fortunately, the indomitable Gauls see through his devious plan and have a nip of magic potion as an antidote. Re-enact one of the most famous scenes of the Asterix comics and invent your own new role-playing adventures with the Asterix: Artifis' poisoned cake playset.
The 24-piece Asterix toyset includes four PLAYMOBIL figures Asterix, Artifis, Krukhut and Cleopatra's taster, as well as a cake with two removable pieces, drinking bottle, sword and other extras. Exciting fun for Asterix fans aged 5 years and up.

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