PLAYMOBIL 71299 Novelmore-Battle robot


Equipped with an ominous cannon and other guns, the knights of the Burnham Raiders move on the fire chariot to the next duel against Novelmore.
To find the most powerful warrior among them, the Guardian, the Knights of Novelmore and the Burnham Raiders host the Guardian's Tournament. The Raiders enter the fray with their impressive Battering Ram with cool ejector seat function and cannon. Sulphur drives towards his opponents at high speed and rams them with the battering ram, this triggers the ejector seat and he flies into the air in a high arc. If an enemy approaches from behind, Sulphur unceremoniously releases the cage flap and lets stones fall out. It remains to be exciting who will win the tournament.


  • 46-piece knight toy with a PLAYMOBIL figure, a firefighting chariot with battering ram, flame wheels and cage, flame projectiles, weapons and many other extras for adventurous role playing fun. A fiery affair: the firefighting wagon has a rotating and swiveling cannon with two flame projectiles
  • The cage behind the driver's seat is removable and offers space for a PLAYMOBIL figure
  • Put stones in the way of the enemy: pressing the button behind the cage triggers a folding mechanism and stones fall out
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