Playmobil 71301 Novelmore - Arwynn With Invincibus


Prince Arwynn is always ready for the next adventure. Whether it's against the fearsome Burnham Raiders or into the desert of Sal'ahari Sands, Arwynn faces every challenge with courage and determination, and with his friends Gwynn and Dario. In addition to his sword and cape, Arwynn has at his disposal the magical armor Invincibus. When he puts it on, he becomes invincible and puts any enemy to flight with ease. A perfect souvenir or gift for knight fans aged 4 and up.
This 11-piece knight toy includes Novelmore character Prince Arwynn with crown, cape, quiver, helmet, breastplate and other extras for exciting knightly adventures. Arm cuffs, cape and weapon holder can be removed and replaced with Invincibus armor helmet and harness. Also included in the set are great stickers and an Arwynn trading card. Play with this set on its own or combine with the other knight toys of the Novelmore world.

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