PLAYMOBIL 71325 1.2.3: Crazy Donut Truck with Stacking and Sorting Feature


The Doughnut Truck with Stacking and Sorting Feature offers lots of stimulation for active toddlers: They can sort the nicely decorated doughnuts into the trailer. When opening the rear door, the doughnuts start rolling out all across the room. Chasing after them is fun for everybody! In addition, the doughnut stacking feature on the truck¡¦s rear end trains fine motor skills.
Educational benefits, that support your toddler's development:

  • Recognise and understand cause-and-effect relationships: How can I make the vehicle move? What do I have to do to make the doughnuts roll across the room?
  • Trains fine motor skills by placing the figure in the drivers seat, coupling and decoupling the trailer, moving the car and using the integrated stacking and sorting function.

Special product features:

  • Stacking function: the doughnut truck can transport up to four doughnuts. These can be stacked on the soft pole, or mounted on the truck's bed.
  • Sorting function: The trailer has two openings at the top into which doughnuts can be sorted. When the rear flap is opened, the doughnuts start rolling across the room.
  • Doughnut Truck with snap lock feature (compatible with all other 1.2.3 vehicles)
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