Playmobil 71408 Dressing Room Cloud


On the heavenly Dressing Room Cloud, the rainbow princess is preparing for the big ball. Here she gets changed, tries out new hairstyles and different make-up styles. Highlight: with three feather-light cloud skirts to change. Includes cute stickers to decorate!
Can be combined with:
71359 Rainbow Castle in the Clouds
It's ball season in the rainbow kingdom. High up on the Dressing Room Cloud, the princess is getting ready for the big dance. She carefully tries on dresses and thinks about the right hairstyle. No matter in which outfit, it will surely be a wonderful evening. With enchanting characters, magical creatures and fairytale buildings, the rainbow world of PLAYMOBIL takes children into a fabulous, cotton-white realm full of adventure. Combine this set with the Rainbow Castle in the Clouds (71359) and the Baby Room in the Clouds (71360) to create a large colourful rainbow scenery.

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