PLAYMOBIL 9319 Fire Rescue Mission


Race to the watery scene with the Fire Rescue Club Set. This set has everything you need to tackle the most serious blazes. Speed across the water aboard the speedboat to help extinguish any lingering flames, while the helicopter hovers from above, ready to rescue the lifeboat passengers from the water. With the help of their walkie talkies, communicate with the helicopter crew to make sure they are ready to make the rescue. Then, using the included winch, hook the cable to the floatable lifeboat and raise it to safety. Once ashore, the rescue car can assist. Set includes five figures, fire boat, fire helicopter, fire car, water hose, lifeboat, megaphone, life jacket, walkie talkies, and other accessories. Recommended for ages four years and up. PLAYMOBIL 9319 Fire Rescue Mission.Playmobil Hong Kong.

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