Playmobil Crystal Palace


Playmobil 9469 Playmobil Crystal Palace. The sparkling Crystal Palace is a magical place of ice and snow and the magical home of the Snow Queen and her granddaughter Finya. The transparent crystal staircase takes visitors to the magnificent royal throne room. Here the queen receives guests and hosts lavish parties. On the upper floor is the spacious bedroom with a dressing table and mirror, a cosy bed with crystal posts and a wardrobe for the precious clothes. The tower room at the top uses the clever princess to learn how to write notes in her diary and look at the stars with the telescope. She often thinks of her beloved Prince Florin and how she can finally be united with him. The Crystal Palace extends over three levels and contains the Snow Queen, Princess Finya and a palace guard, as well as a treasure cave to store the mysterious Crystal of Love. Product Dimensions 45 x 65 x 66cm

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