Quercetti 86165 PlayBio - Tecno Jumbo


A nice bio-plastic robot to build using screws, nuts and washers! Thanks to the practical perforated tablet you can play on the floor and also in vertical.?


An educational line that thinks Green!

This line of toys is dedicated to those parents who have at heart the safeguard of our planet because the materials used are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Shape sorter toys, runs and pegs, made from a special bio eco sustainable plastic, improve cognitive and motor skills development.

To complete this line, a series of ??green??toys to help children appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of looking after it. Seeing tomato, basil or lettuce plants sprout, grown by their own hands will make children aware of how precious these elements are. Let??¢s play together respecting nature, nurturing it and seeing it grow.

Quercetti: The Value of Made in Italy

70 years after it was founded, the Quercetti family is still the head of the company, following in the same principles of honesty and sharing inherited by its founder Alessandro.?

The story of the company is inevitably combined with that of the family and its partners. All these people are passionate about their job, and every day they strive to improve the quality and the procedures so to make the products more competitive and so that the production line can remain in Italy.

We are indeed one of the very few companies who can be proud of controlling the production chain directly. The?entire production cycle, from the design of the toy to its delivery,?is carried out in Italy,?in the city of?Turin. Its workers reside locally, and this creates an essential resource in the region.?

Today we are a modern and aware company who follow the most stringent?security?and?sustainability?rules and regulations, and who can compete with the largest of our international contemporaries. We have?70 years of history?and are still going strong.?

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