Ravensburger 080649 3 x 49 Pieces How To Train Your Dragon


Ravensburger 080649 3 x 49 Pieces How To Train Your Dragon. Help save Toothless and his friends and learn How to Train Your Dragon!

It¡¦s a fight to the finish for the Vikings and dragons as they battle to save themselves in this set of 3 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World puzzles! Hiccup and Astrid, along with Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Snoutlout and Fishlegs are decked out in their dragon scale armor. Their dragons join them to stop the trappers and the evil Grimmel from destroying them all. In other puzzle scenes, Toothless meets Light Fury and Hiccup saves Toothless. A great gift for any fan of the books or movies!

Puzzles help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving through repeated practice while delivering dragon-sized fun! Our three 49-piece puzzles have large, durable pieces little hands can easily hold on to for lots of repeat fun and come with handy, full-size picture guides. Clean-cut pieces and Ravensburger¡¦s tight interlocking fit provide a pleasurable puzzling experience for children and their adult helpers alike. Our Perfect Age Fit criteria ensures this puzzle is fun and educational for ages 5 and up!

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